If you’re a prospective student, apply to UW to join the PLSE group. If you’re a UW undergrad interested in research, visit us in CSE2 253 (Bill & Melinda Gates Center). If you’re a new student, welcome! This page is for you.

Welcome to our group! This page describes how our group works.

many PLSE students spend their time in PLSE lab in CSE2 253. It’s noisier than an office (bring headphones) but also more fun. There’s always someone around to ask for help, and it’s easy to keep up with what others are working on.
Mailing lists
we use the mailing list plse to coordinate reading groups and seminars. Please join it. You probably also want to join misc and fungrads, which are used for social events and other fun. Undergraduates should join ugrad-researchers.
we have lunch together on Tuesdays. Most weeks we have catered lunch in CSE2 253. Other times we go out to lunch on the Ave.
we use Slack. There’s a desktop client for every OS, and a web client. Please sign up and join the #plse room.
we have an organization on Github for group projects. Most code is on Github because we open-source most of our projects; we use the department git servers for paper repositories and other things that we’ll never want to open-source. Please send Max your Github user name so he can add you to the organization. That way you can access our projects.
our main webpage is at uwplse.org. If you go there, you’ll see that every student has a photo and a link to their personal webpage. Please send Max a good photo of you and your personal website, so he can add you to the page. (If you have personal reasons for wanting not to be listed, just say so and he won’t bug you for a photo and link.) You should also check that your faculty mentor’s web page lists you.
Personal webpage
if you don’t currently have a personal web page, make one. It is extremely valuable, as an academic, to have a personal webpage. Make sure you have a web page. If you’re not familiar with HTML, email Max and he’ll help you. The sooner you make one, the better.
Reading groups and group meeting
there is a separate page with more details.
The first Monday of every month, the lab goes to Big Time Brewery. Everyone is welcome to join.

If you have any questions, stop by the lab or talk to your advisor.