The PLSE Lab is room Gates 253. All PLSE members are welcome to use it.

The lab contains floor to ceiling whiteboards, a projector, and meeting tables. Most people use their own laptop in the lab, and there is a community MacBook. Ask around for the login password.


Feel free to use the lab for meetings to work on research, homework, etc. You shouldn’t feel guilty about disturbing the people who are working there. They have other places to work but have chosen the lab because it’s more social—they don’t mind people stopping by for discussions!

Please keep the lab neat and tidy: don’t leave your junk or trash lying around, for that makes it less pleasant for everyone. Please do not set up desktops or monitors in the lab. That makes it harder to fit all of the PLSE students into the lab space.

You are always free to erase anything on the whiteboard, unless it is labeled with “DNE”.


If you are an undergraduate and your cardkey/ID does not open the door, please email cardkey@cs.uw.edu to request access. Give your student ID number, UW CSE NetID, and the end date for the access, and copy your supervisors. More generally, undergrads are considered full members of the group and are welcome to all activities and amenities.