UW PLSE Group Meeting (Autumn 2014) (Fri 3:30 in CSE 203)

We’ll meet each week to discuss exciting research going on within the group. Participants should subscribe to the PLSE mailing list. Konstantin Weitz is in charge of making sure there is something planned every week.


Date Presenter Topic
Oct 3 Xi Wang Jitk Practice Talk
Oct 17 Tom Bergan OOPSLA Practice Talk
Oct 31 Eric Mullen Quals Presentation
Nov 7 None PLSE Movie Night
Nov 14 Rene Just Mutation effectiveness (FSE practice talk)
Nov 21 Zhilei Xu MSL: a Synthesis Enabled Language for Distributed Implementations
Nov 28 (holiday)  
Dec 5 Kivanc Muslu Mnemosyne: Expressing Variability in Software with Codebase Variants
??? Daniel Perelman Synthesis and Education @ MSR

MSL: a Synthesis Enabled Language for Distributed Implementations


MSL is an experimental language with synthesis feature for writing bulk-synchronous SPMD (single program multiple data) parallel programs. It shows that by leveraging a high level abstraction of the SPMD programming model, one can do deep semantic analysis of SPMD programs, and even synthesize them. In this talk I will introduce the MSL programming model, demonstrate the necessary restrictions to the communication model that make the program synthesis feasible, and present the experimental results of MSL generated code.


Zhilei Xu is a PhD student in Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He works with Prof. Armando Solar-Lezama on Program Synthesis, with focus on synthesizing parallel programs for high performance computing. Besides the work he does for a living (i.e. program synthesis), he also loves anything related to the intersection of programming languages and systems.