UW PLSE Group Meeting (Spring 2014)

Fri 3:30pm in CSE 203

We’ll meet each week to discuss exciting research going on within the group. Participants should subscribe to the PLSE mailing list.


Date Presenter Topic
Apr 4 Colin Gordon Towards Heaps in Dependent Type Theory
Apr 13 Pavel Panchekha HOOT: Simpler Distributed Systems
Apr 18 Darioush Jalali, Rene Just Mutation operator effectiveness
Apr 25 Brian Burg Probes, Tests, and the Fruits of my Apple Internship
May 2 James Wilcox, Doug Woos Corgi: Machine-checked Reasoning about Failure and Performance of Distributed Systems
May 9 Todd Schiller Case Studies and Tools for Contract Specifications
(ICSE 14 Practice!)
May 16 Sai Zhang Which Configuration Option Should I Change?
(ICSE 14 Practice!)
May 23 Kivanc Muslu Transition from Centralized to Decentralized Version Control Systems:
A Case Study on Reasons, Barriers, and Outcomes
(ICSE 14 Practice!)
May 30 Adrian Sampson Expressing and Verifying Probabilistic Assertions
(PLDI 14 Practice!)
Jun 6 Eric Reed Modeling Rust’s Safety Guarantees