UW PLSE Group Meeting (Spring 2015) (Fri 3:30 in CSE 203)

We’ll meet each week to discuss exciting research going on within the group. Participants should subscribe to the PLSE mailing list. Konstantin Weitz is in charge of making sure there is something planned every week.


Date Presenter Topic
Apr 3 Mikael Mayer (EPFL) FlashProg
Apr 10 Joseph Redmon (UW) Synthesis of Object Orientation Programming (invited talk)
Apr 17 Albert Cheng (U of Houston) Functional Reactive Programming for Real-Time Software
Apr 24    
May 1 Emina, Zach, and Adrian SNAPL practice talks
May 8 Calvin Loncaric Data Structure Synthesis
May 15 Brett Boston Probability Type Inference for Flexible Approximate Programming (Undergraduate Thesis Presentation)
May 22 Dan, Zach, Emina, Alvin, Adrian, and James B SNAPL post-mortem and selfie sharing session
May 29 Alex Polozov FlashMeta: A Framework for Inductive Program Synthesis
Jun 5    
Jun 12 (finals)