UW PLSE Group Meeting (Winter 2015) (Fri 3:30 in CSE 203)

We’ll meet each week to discuss exciting research going on within the group. Participants should subscribe to the PLSE mailing list. Konstantin Weitz is in charge of making sure there is something planned every week.


Date Presenter Topic
Jan 9 Eric Mullen CoqPL Practice
Jan 16 Colin Scott Minimizing test cases to distributed systems.
Jan 23 Alex Sanchez-Stern Herbie
Jan 30 Konstantin & Doug BaGPipe, formally verified BGP configurations
Feb 6 James B Programming in an Uncertain World
Feb 13 John Toman Debugging configuration updates in running software
Feb 20 Eric Reed Formalizing Rust (Quals Talk)
Feb 27 Doug & James Formally verifying distributed systems
Mar 6 Eric Reed Checking Units of Measurement
Mar 13 None Visit Days
Mar 20 (finals)