PLSE Colloquium Series

Autumn 2016 — Wednesday, 3:30pm — CSE 305

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We’ll discuss PLSE’s current large projects and also host external speakers. Meetings are every other Wednesday. Participants should subscribe to the PLSE mailing list.

Date Who What
Oct 12

Eva Darulova

Programming with Numerical Uncertainties

Oct 26

David Tarditi

An Overview of the Checked C Project

Nov 9

Chris, Spencer, Martin, Calvin

FSE Student Research Competition practice talks

Nov 14

Jon Bell

Making Software More Reliable by Uncovering Hidden Dependencies

Nov 16

Arie Gurfinkel

Algorithmic Logic-Based Verification with SeaHorn

Nov 18

Alessandra Gorla

Mining Android Apps for Anomalous Behavior

Nov 21

Willem Visser

An Analytical Perspective on Mutations and Coverage

Nov 23

Thanksgiving Holiday


Nov 30

Nate Foster

Cantor Meets Scott: Semantic Foundations for Probabilistic Networks

Jan 11

Ravi Chugh

Direct Manipulation Programming Systems

Jan 12

Matthew Flatt

Let’s Build a Hygienic Macro Expander!

Jan 25

Claire Le Goues

Scalable Semantic Code Search for High-Quality Program Repair

Feb 8

Ranjit Jhala