Underground Reading Group in Distributed Algorithms (Spring 2015) (Fri 11 in CSE 203)

We meet once a week to discuss readings from the following books:

See below for the reading schedule.

Contact James W (jrw12@cs) if you want to get on the mailing list.


Date Presenter Topic
Apr 3 James W Selecting readings
Apr 10 James W Note: this week we’ll meet in CSE 674 due to room a conflict
Chapters 1-3 of Lynch.
Chapters 1-2 of Cachin
Gerard Le Lann, Distributed Systems–Towards a Formal Approach
Ernest Chang and Rosemary Roberts, An improved algorithm for decentralized extrema-finding in circular configurations of processes
D.S. Hirschberg and J.B. Sinclair, Decentralized extrema-finding in circular configurations of processors
Apr 17 Doug Lynch: 4.1-4.2, all of ch 5, 6.1-6.2
Optional: Lynch: 4.3-4.7, 6.3-6.9
Apr 24 Naveen Lynch: 6.3-6.9, 7.3, all of 8
May 1 James W Lynch: 9 and 10
May 8 Adriana Lynch: 12 and 13
Optional: Herlihy and Shavit: Chapters 3-6. Also Chapter 2 corresponds to a lot of what we did last week and is highly recommended.
May 15 Amrita Lynch: finish chapter 13 (Adriana will present 10 minutes on this); skim 14; read as much as you want of 15; then read 16 (we’ll try to focus on 16!!!)
May 22 Doug Lynch: 17-19
May 29 Adriana Lynch: 20-22 (skip 20 if you want)
Jun 5 James W Lynch: 23-25
Optional: The Weakest Failure Detector for Solving Consensus
Unreliable Failure Detectors for Reliable Distributed Systems
Jun 12   Finals Week